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Trending Gifts to Give Your Special Lady on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. Before we get into selecting ‘The Most Special Gift’ for the special women in your life you want to surprise this year, Do you know why International Women’s day is celebrated? It is a global day celebrating achievements of women in the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This is an important day that marks gender parity. International Women’s Day was first started in 1908 in Newyork city when thousands of women workers came out on the streets protesting about the inequality they faced in the garment industry they worked for. Not just low wages, some of them even went through sexual harassment. These protests did not just go on for a day or a week; it went on for a year. To mark the anniversary of these ongoing protests, the U.S government celebrated International Women’s Day in 1909 soon after this day was turned into a movement that spread through Europe and Russia where women were facing similar unrest.

Etsy UK Now that you know the importance of this day for Women, you sure don’t wanna miss a chance to appreciate special women in your life. The best way to express your appreciation is through a gift. But selecting the right gift now that’s a difficult one. There isn’t one particular gift every woman would like. Each one has different likes, dislikes, and needs. Fortunately, you have us. We have curated a list of gifts for your lady love.

Personalized Jewellery
Every woman loves to get Jewellery as a gift. But not just any jewelry. Gifting her a piece of Personalized Jewelry that has her initials carved on it will surely make her. That piece of Jewellery will be the most special for her. There are so many options to choose from in Personalized Jewellery – Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, etc. The best part is you can easily afford these stunning pieces. They will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for a Women’s Day gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister, this will be a good pick.

Breakfast In Bed
This is possibly the sweetest gesture to celebrate the important women in your life. Cook them a hearty breakfast and present it on a Personalized Platter before they wake up. You can also add a greeting card and roses to the breakfast tray to make it more unique. Surprise your mother or wife breakfast in bed.

Spa Gift Basket
Give your lady love a day off. Let her relax and enjoy the small joys in life while rejuvenating herself with an exuberant spa hamper. Trust us with she really does need a day off to pamper herself.

Personalized Photo Frame
Photo frames are an exciting gift idea. Present her with a stunning photo frame that will add a new life to old photos. She’s going to remember you every time she sees this.

We these various Women’s Day Gift Ideas help you make your lady love feel super special and make this International Women’s Day Memorable for you. We hope you have a fabulous Women’s Day this year.

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