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Choosing the Right Type of Screws for Your Projects

Did you know that the screws and fasteners that play a crucial role in our daily lives and are a part of several things used by us have existed for several centuries? Believed to be a Greek invention probably in the third century BC, these tools have become an integral part of our lives today. Whether it is our doors and windows or our cars, or cabinets or electrical fittings, they are all secured by some type of nuts and screws.

Similarly we make use of a variety of fasteners while maintaining our vehicles or repairing some wooden items or undertaking a do it yourself (DIY) project. The importance of these tools in our lives becomes even more prominent when we look around and see infrastructure like buildings, transport systems, vehicles, bridges etc whose construction would not have been possible without using different types of screws.

What we need to realize even more is the importance of using the right type and size of concrete and other screws to avoid accidents of any kind.

Factors Determining the Choice of Chanel screws

The decision to use concrete screws or decking screws or any other type of screw depends on the work we want to do and the type of material being used by us. While the type of screws required for our regular household maintenance or repair work is simple, the ones required or used in advanced construction or industrial applications are quite complex. Screws and other fixing tools are available in various materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, etc and we need to make our choices depending on considerations like chances of corrosion. One should approach a reputed supplier who can help in choosing the most suitable type of fastener tools for a particular job.

While wood screws are the most suitable choice for any woodworking project, you also need to consider factors like their length, their design and size for getting a good finish and secure door or handle etc. Similarly decking screws are designed to fasten deck boards to floor joists and need to be strong enough to bear high traffic. These screws need to be sharp and narrow for quick and firm installation besides being anti corrosive.

Again when using drywall, one should opt for drywall screws as the normal nails can leave holes or even become loose over time. The choice of the right type of screws allows one to install drywall beautifully and firmly. One can choose coarse drywall screws to secure gypsum board to wood or opt for fine drywall screws if wanting to attach drywall to metal studs. Another option available when working with metal studs or frames is to choose self drilling drywall screws or pan head framing screws because they are less likely to damage the surface.

Concrete screws are the most appropriate fastening choice in case of light to medium duty projects. These screws are specially designed for usage with a variety of materials such as concrete, bricks and blocks. Easy to fit and install, these screws can be used with plywood, electrical applications, insulation systems and door bucks.

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